5 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Tutor for your Child in Trinidad

5 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Tutor for your Child in Trinidad

1. Your Goal

Tutors in Trinidad are now in great demand, as personalized lessons yield excellent results when compared to the traditional classroom.  Before hiring a tutor, you should know what goal you are trying to accomplish. For example, you may want a tutor to help you ace your end-of-term exams, or you may want a tutor to help you prepare for the final SEA, CSEC or CAPE exams.  However, hiring a tutor to help you get good grades on end-of-term exams means that the tutor would only cover the topics that will be tested on these exams. This strategy would help you to obtain good grades in end of term exams, but because the tutor is working to facilitate your short-term goal, this method does not guarantee you would understand the material. You should not be surprised, then, if you do poorly in final exams, like CSEC and CAPE. A common mistake that some parents make is to hire a personal tutor for only a few classes before an end of term test, so that the student can get good grades. The parents usually think that no further lessons are required since the student performs well, so they discontinue the lessons. It is better to have a tutor work with the student until the final exam to yield maximum results. This tutoring strategy has been seen to work time and time again. In particular, it is very common with the CSEC maths Tutors in Trinidad.

2. Communication

One of the main advantages of having a private tutor is the real time feedback you receive on the student’s progress. In traditional classes which contain approximately 30 students, it is difficult for each parent to get a comprehensive assessment of their child’s academic progress from the teacher. This issue is eliminated when you hire a personal tutor from Caribbean Tutors. We guarantee honest and in-depth feedback because each student is given top-class individualized attention. There are some tutors in Trinidad who don’t practice this, and so parents are unclear whether the lessons are helping the child excel. At Caribbean tutors, we ensure that all of our tutors give regular feedback on the child’s performance so the parents are always updated and well informed.

3. Experience

A common question we get from clients is about teaching experience, or how long a tutor has been teaching a particular subject. While more experienced tutors are often generally viewed as superior educators, sometimes a younger tutor with less experience may have a better connection with the student and ultimately facilitate learning more effectively. Studies show that students tend to process and consolidate information better when they are comfortable with the educator. There are lots of Tutors in Trinidad with years of experience, but this should not be the only factor to consider when trying to find the right fit for a student. This will be further elaborated below.

4. Age

Normally the older the better, right? Actually, this depends on the student. For example, a parent recently wanted the most qualified CSec maths tutor in Trinidad, so she hired a very experienced tutor. However, the student disliked the class and complained of boredom because there was no student-teacher connection. The parent stated that “my son blood aint take the tutor” and requested someone else who was closer to his age, so the student would be able to relate to his tutor. We did exactly what she asked, and student went on to achieve a distinction in cscec maths, although the tutor was one of the younger tutors in Trinidad.

5. Flexibility

If you are searching for a CSEC maths tutor in Trinidad, you would need a maths tutor who can accommodate you at the times that are convenient for you. This is especially important for persons who work shift jobs for example, as well as students with tight schedules who only have a few free hours during the week to do extra classes with tutors in Trinidad. With the recent increase in demand for private tutoring online, some tutors now have limited time and may not be available to you when you need them. We at Caribbean Tutors have a wide range of qualified flexible, tutors that fit your time slot.

So, in the future, if you are thinking about hiring one of the Tutors in Trinidad like a csec maths tutor in Trinidad feel free to contact us anytime. Let us help you build your path to success.