Hi my name is Ravi, founder of Caribbean Tutors and welcome to the page that may save your job! The most important thing you should know is that I consider time a priceless resource and seldom permit mine to be wasted; I have thus compiled this document which outlines the general requirements of all hired tutors.

This document has proven to be needed as I have consistently encountered newly hired tutors who error in their work ethics and need to be constantly reminded of their responsibility to both myself as well as the parent(s) of the child. This has resulted in employees facing necessary sanctions, which in some cases, can even be the termination of the tutor’s relationship with Caribbean Tutors. In a combined effort to curb these occurrences, I strongly urge that you carefully read through this document and revisit it for any further reference.



  1. Practice good communication skills! I have made myself readily available to my tutors via Whatsapp and would appreciate you making use of this medium to contact me. For example, when I provide you with your first student, you MUST inform me ASAP of arrangement dates with the parent, i.e. what day you will be commencing tutoring with the student. Normally 50% of the new workers fail to do this and thus face termination.
  2. Please refrain from discussing tutoring prices with the parent! Remember, you are employed under Caribbean Tutors and all payments to you are done by us, not the parent! If you are questioned about payment, you can respond kindly by stating “My employer handles all payment arrangements.”
  3. Be a Team Player! If this was a formal interview setting and I asked about your dedication to working with and building this company, can I trust that you would be optimistic about your positive contributions to this team? If you answered in the affirmative, then take this as your testing point. Consider this a classic case of, “Help us help you!” Of course, keep in mind that it is completely your choice to help us market our company but participation in this promotion will reflect well on your team player skills!  Once you have completed it, your registration form ranks higher than those who did not take part  and your form will be considered first when taking in new workers. Click this link for the promotion   https://caribbeantutors.com/face-book-promotion/  

Tips for good Communication

  • Missing a day of tutoring requires communicating this in a timely manner to all parties involved. That means, you MUST inform both myself and the parent of the child beforehand.
  • When you are provided with a new tutoring job, you will be given the parent’s contact information and WILL be expected to call within FOUR (4) hours from the time. Failure to do so will be grounds for termination.
  • Never assume we are omniscient because (spoiler)… we are not! Please keep us updated with the job!
  • Kindly recall that the preferred form of communication remains Whatsapp.
  • Here are some examples of good communication in the following pictures  


  • An example of why good communication is important! This negative effect could have been avoided


  • This is stressed because workers have communicated wrong prices to parents in the past which resulted in some uncertainty between parties. Remember, your agreed working wage was made with us and not the parent! Please see above point number two (2) under the sub-heading “Requirements.”


17 500 Pesos an hour. Pay Pal Takes a fee from both users to send money for example when 17 500 is sent to you, after pay pal takes it fees you may receive  17 150 this is an example in different countries there are different fees. The current fee is 2 % this may change in the future so keep this in mind as we have no control of what Pay Pal does.

Payments are made once a month to your Pay Pal Account 

  • You must have a Pay Pal Account 
  • Account must be Active  
  • Make sure to confirm receipt of payment via a message on Whatsapp! If you did not receive payment, please contact us about this as soon as possible and don’t wait for us to contact you!




  • This form must be downloaded, and filled out by you the tutor. Because it is a Skype class you wont be able to get the students signature, Keep your Skype call history in case of any mix up with the amount of hours you did and the client  
  • Please always use DIFFERENT invoices for each student, i.e. one invoice for Student A and a new invoice for Student B. Never put two students on the same invoice!
  • All information on invoice must be legible and CLEAR pictures of each invoice should be taken.
  • Your form(s) must be uploaded to this  website https://caribbeantutors.com/ the last day of the month before 8pm  in order to facilitate timely payment. Failure to do so will result in late payment!
  • Note that the invoice are not to be sent by whats app or email. You can follow this link to get to where you need to upload the invoice. https://caribbeantutors.com/workers-log/
  • Take a look of a good invoice  compared to a bad invoice! This is your payment so please try to write as neatly as possible. 
  • Click this link to download the invoice Invoice

Please look at the following video before you take the interview test

What not to do

  • Be careful on what pictures you put up on Whatsapp! Most parents are on Whatsapp now and anything you post will be visible to them; this includes any posts about personal problem so please be cautious and as professional as possible.
  • If you are contracted to teach two hours for a particular session, please try and complete your lesson within those two hours OR resume the lesson on the following session! Do not extend over your time as the parent’s payment only covers two hours and any additional teaching will be considered a use of your own personal time.
  • Timely responses to our messages ensure you get the job! If we message you about a potential job and you do not respond within a reasonable time frame, we will obviously pass on the work to someone who is more prompt to reply.
  • Don’t use your phone while teaching!

The application form where you registered for work was your first test, so had you not received a confirmation email it would have meant you did not successfully pass the first step. This page is the second step where the purpose was to inform of and urged you to follow these simple guidelines.  Be mindful, it’s an easy work to get but an easier one to lose; 50% of workers were terminated on their first job because they did not follow these guidelines and rules of communication.  Additionally, some never helped out in the promo and we replaced them with other workers who showed more commitment to the job!

So that’s it! No interview! Feel free to revisit this page as needed…